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New Repair Kit for Golf, Jetta (99.5 -2005) TDI, 98-05 Beetle TDI. If your turbo is leaking oil, this kit will solve your problem.

These turbos can get caked with carbon. Disassembling them and cleaning them can also solve other problems with the turbo.

The VNT-15 turbo on the VW TDI engines has an integrated exhaust manifold and turbo housing.

Part Number(s): VNTREBUILD

Price: $55

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Detailed Compatiblity Data for this Part: (Any and All Brand Names listed below show what OEM parts and OEM brands (manufacturers) this part replaces and are shown for reference only.) This information is for compatibility purposes only.:

1999 Golf IV TDI 2000 Golf IV TDI 2001 Golf IV TDI 2002 Golf IV TDI 2003 Golf IV TDI 2004 Golf IV TDI

1999 Jetta IV TDI 2000 Jetta IV TDI 2001 Jetta IV TDI 2002 Jetta IV TDI 2003 Jetta IV TDI 2004 Jetta IV TDI

1998 Beetle TDI 1999 Beetle TDI 2000 Beetle TDI 2001 Beetle TDI 2002 Beetle TDI 2003 Beetle TDI 2004 Beetle TDI 2005 Beetle TDI

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